Introducing: prunz™ Battery Powered Gardening Shears

When taking care of your garden and lawn, it’s hard to find a universal tool that’s going to meet all of your needs, especially when it comes to pruning shears. Our new prunz™ electric pruning shears solves all of your pruning problems. From the bushes in the front yard, to the impressive garden in the backyard, or even the orchard down the street, the new prunz™ electric pruning shears has you covered. No matter what the use, the shears’ thoughtful design offers many benefits to you. 

gloved hand using prunz shears to trim a branch
The new pruning shears are specially designed for cutting live brush, hedges, and branches. Compared to traditional manual shears, prunz™ has made pruning less labor-intensive while saving lots of your gardening time. With the ability to make 3,000+ continuous cuts on a single battery charge, prunz™ has revolutionized the way we approach pruning.
closeup of prunz blades

The strong cutting blades are crafted from a special class of steel, allowing the blades to cut gently even when close to the branch to prevent damage to the plant. Its lightweight, yet durable build and battery powered cutting allows for easy operating with just one hand. Prunz™ takes the grunt work out of pruning, leaving you with an effortless gardening experience. 

Included with prunz™ are the electric pruning shears, a 14.4V Lithium-ion battery, a battery charger, and the necessary assembly items to get you started.