Battery-powered gardening tools for effortless trimming and cutting. prunz™ is specially designed for pruning live hedges, brush, and bushes. The shears' thoughtful design offers many benefits no matter the use.

Rechargeable Battery

The long-lasting 14.4V lithium-ion battery is able to provide up to 3,000 cuts per charge.

Efficient Trimming

Effortlessly perform up to 20 cuts per minute at a squeeze of the trigger.

Ergonomic Design

These shears are thoughtfully designed with a comfortable ridged grip and easy-to-operate trigger.

Lightweight Portability

No need to worry about the strain on your wrists and arms as the entire unit weighs less than 3 lbs.


prunz Battery Powered Gardening Shears

prunz™ is an innovation in landscape/horticulture upkeep. Effortlessly bypass cut live-wood stems, branches, stalks, and vines up to 1-inch diameter with a squeeze of the trigger. Weighing in at <2lbs,...
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prunz 14.4V/2.5Ah Battery Pack

prunz 14.4V/2.5Ah Battery Pack

Rechargeable lithium-ion battery pack for prunz shears.
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prunz 16.8V/1A Battery Charger

prunz 16.8V/1A Battery Charger

Battery charger for prunz shears. Compatible with part #: PZPALE (14.4V/2.5Ah Battery Pack).
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