10 DIY Projects for Your Lawn Sprayer

Taking care of your home doesn’t have to be a chore-- it doesn’t have to be hard or take forever to clean up. SprayMate sprayers are made to help the homeowner, letting people tend to their property easily, both inside and out. 

We know that not all lawn care occurs on a commercial scale; SprayMate sprayers are perfect for the DIY-er, helping users take care of their lawn, house and possessions without the large price point of professional sprayers. These lightweight devices are easy and quick to use, lightweight, quiet, affordable and versatile-- you can do a ton of stuff with just one sprayer, making it a great multi-use investment. 

Common Uses

SprayMate sprayers are battery powered, getting rid of the need to hand-pump and making spraying both quicker and easier. Since you can take this sprayer anywhere without hassle, it’s a prime product to use both indoors and outdoors. 


1. Pest Control

Ants, caterpillars, mosquitoes, aphids, mites, beetles, moths, maggots-- these are a few common bugs that can wreak havoc on fruits, vegetables and blooming plants (and could make your outdoor experience less enjoyable as well). Filling your sprayer with insecticide and dousing down important areas will help you quickly act against these pests, protecting yourself and what you’re growing. 

You can also spray animal repellents around to help keep out larger pests like rodents, raccoons, snakes and deer. 


2. Weeding

Bugs and animals aren’t the only thing that can destroy your outdoor spaces; filling up on herbicides will help protect your lawn from plant-based pests that look bad and may kill the plants and flowers you do want. SprayMate sprayers are very precise and come with nozzles that can be adjusted, making them perfect for weed spot treatment. 


3. Watering

You don’t have to put a chemical in your sprayer to get use out of it-- a simple tank full of water can still be immensely helpful. Nozzles can be switched to mist flowers and fruits, have a stronger stream that can sink down to the roots, or the extendable wand can be attached to water from a distance. 


4. Fertilizing 

Liquid fertilizers can be used with sprayers, quickly and thoroughly dousing areas for absorption. This will help them grow bigger and stronger while avoiding the wait time of granular (solid) fertilizers.


5. Washing a house

Using a diluted bleach solution, you can spray the sides and eaves of your house’s exterior to kill mold, bugs and plants in the area-- you can also use the sprayer to clean off the roof, washing shingles and removing any debris present. Make sure to wash your sprayer out afterward, thoroughly flushing it out with water before storing it away.  

When using harsh chemicals to clean, lay out a cover or tarp on grass or plants that are under the spray zone to protect them.


6. Sealing a deck

To avoid rotting in your wooden deck and help it keep its natural finish, you can put deck sealant in the Tornado or Storm sprayers to quickly coat your patio and make it ready to face the elements. It is recommended to put a tarp or covering on surrounding areas to assure the sealant you spray doesn’t coat anything but your deck. 


7. Washing cars

With adjustable optional wands, SprayMate can also help you get the hard-to-reach parts of your car clean, rinsing off the top and targeting crevices that sponges may be too wide for. You can rinse with water or wash entirely with a soap mix inside your sprayer!


8. Sanitizing

Spraying doesn’t just have to stick to outdoor care; you can put disinfectants and sanitizers in your sprayer and douse high-contact areas to help keep you and your loved ones safe. 


9. Washing animals

By adjusting your pressure settings and/or your nozzle’s spray, you can quickly wash down pets and livestock; quick and easy baths wherever you see fit! You can also use stronger settings to help wash out animal stalls quickly and easily. 


10. Snow and ice removal

When winter rolls around, you can fill your sprayer with de-icer or anti-icer to get rid of and prevent snow and ice from forming. This can be especially useful for sidewalks or driveways, where there’s a slip risk for people who will be walking or driving.

Lawn sprayers aren’t limited to spraying lawns; they can do just about anything involving a liquid. Make sure to clean your sprayer thoroughly after use and it’ll be smooth sailing for all of your projects! 

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