The Benefits of Battery Powered Sprayers

When you’re working outside, the last thing you want to do in the summer heat is work harder. Pumping, plugs, cords… these little nuisances can make your day a lot longer. With battery-powered sprayers, you can avoid all of these problems and get your work done faster; here are 5 huge advantages SprayMate sprayers hold over the competition.


1. Easy to use. 



With battery powered sprayers, hand-pumping is a thing of the past. You’ll never have to sit your sprayer on the ground and build the pressure back up; all you have to do is pull the trigger to release an even, continuous spray of liquid, no manual labor required. 


2. Long-lasting and rechargeable.


The lithium-ion batteries included in SprayMate sprayers are built to withstand up to 2.5 hours of continuous spraying, allowing you to complete big projects without being forced to stop and recharge. To recharge, all you have to do is pop the battery out and plug it in, eliminating the need to buy new ones. A battery and charger come included in all SprayMate sprayers, making this transition easy and cheap!


3. Easily portable. 



SprayMate sprayers have a simple, clean and wire-free design that makes them easy to take on the go or carry around the yard-- there’s no tangling or external battery work to lug around. Additionally, all sprayers come with straps for wear, making sure you’ve got a free hand while you’re working. The lithium-ion battery also makes the sprayers extremely lightweight so there’s no strain when moving around!


4. Customizable. 



You can easily change out different nozzles or extension wands, allowing you to specialize your sprayer to the project you’re completing at the time. You might need the extension wand to spray down fruit trees, or a cone nozzle on the mist setting to water your succulents-- just unscrew your current piece and swap it with another to make your garden sprayer suitable for any task. 


5. Improve productivity and efficiency. 



SprayMate sprayers help you get projects done up to 3x faster than a hand pump sprayer, with a long-lasting battery, lightweight build, and backpack straps. You are able to quickly dispense liquids without taking time to pump, saving time and chemicals while saving yourself from fatigue. Change the Way You Spray!

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