Uses for Lawn Sprayer Nozzles and Wands

When starting a new project, it can be hard to decide what tools to use-- lawn sprayers can be used for a wide variety of jobs, ranging from treating your lawn to washing your house (see 10 DIY Projects for Your Lawn Sprayer), but you’ll have to make sure they’re properly equipped to get those tasks done. Your nozzles can make a huge difference in what you’re doing, and using a wand extension can expand your reach as well. 


SprayMate offers two different types of nozzles; the 11/16” 110-degree fan nozzle and the 11/16” adjustable cone nozzle

The fan nozzle spreads the spray over a 110-degree angle, allowing it to cover a wide area at one time. With such a wide range, this nozzle is very popular for treating lawns and laying down fertilizers-- it can easily cover large areas in less time, allowing for speedy treatments.



The adjustable cone nozzle can have its stream adjusted, ranging from a strong jet stream to a fine mist. This makes the nozzle extremely versatile, working with most projects. The jet stream can be used to reach high areas or do accurate spot treatment, while the mist can be used in delicate situations like plant watering or adhering liquid to a surface with minimal drip (like using chemicals to clean your exterior walls without it affecting your grass).




There are also two SprayMate wands; the 18” extension wand and the carbon fiber wand. With a wand attached to your handle or gun, high areas, things close to the ground, and tight spaces will be easily accessible.

The key difference between these wands is the sprayer compatibility-- the 18” extension wand connects to the Shower MAX and Lil’ Squirt sprayers, attaching to the spray gun. 

The carbon fiber wand works with the Storm and Tornado sprayers, attaching the to in-line handles. Carbon fiber is chemical resistant, sturdy and lightweight, making it great for harsher chemicals and treatments. If you’re planning to do intense treatments with potentially corrosive chemicals, using a Storm or Tornado backpack sprayer with a carbon fiber wand will be the best match for you. 

Knowing the advantages of different nozzle-wand combinations will help you complete your projects in the quickest, easiest and most efficient ways. Match them up to get the results you need!

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